New Year's Day cocktail at noon
– entertainment event, sampling local specialities, fair of homemade products
Delnice Sledging Open Championship – sledging competition – single and tandem
Gorski kotar Sledging Cup – sledging competitions

Mrkopalj Peace Memorial
– cross-country skiing competitions
Alpine skiing competition

Goran's Spring 21 March
– cultural-musical event to mark the birth of the famous local poet I. G. Kovačić

Marohlinijada International Mushroom Festival
  - mushrooming competition
Opening of the excursion season to Kamačnik – recreational walks along the canyon of Kamačnik, "mountain stew" cooking competition
Flower parade in Gomirje - traditional event to mark the awakening of nature with a cultural and artistic programme

Spring in Zeleni vir, 1 May
– opening of the excursion season to Zeleni vir, cultural and entertainment programme, exhibition and sale of local products
Grandma's Chest Antique Festival – exhibition of antiques, photographs, handiwork, local products, and a presentation of old crafts and food
Hiking tour in the canyon of the River Kupa – group hiking tour
Pentecost in Male Drage – religious gathering, 12 churches from the Brod Moravice area, fair of local products

Frog Night
– entertainment programme, frog jumping competition, sampling frog dishes
International German Shepherd Festival - international dog show
Three Lakes International Half Marathon – marathon competition
Fruits of the Mountains – Elder Day, recreational and educational event, walking, hiking and cycling tour, education and sampling elder produce
Fruits of the Mountains – Strawberry Days – sampling strawberries and strawberry produce
Gljivarijada Mushroom Festival – picking mushrooms, preparing mushroom dishes, mushroom stew competition
Walk through history in King Tomislav Park – a journey back in time, walks in historical costumes, carriage rides, traditional dishes, sale of original local products
Traditional sports competition – sack race, egg-and-spoon race, water bucket race, etc.

World Junior Casting Championship
– sport fishing competition
Pensioners' gathering in Golubinjak Forest Park – entertainment and recreational event
Raspberry Festival - fair of raspberries and fruits of the forest produce, entertainment programme, sampling fruit dishes and sweets, 30-metre-long raspberry strudel
Fruits of the Mountains – Lavender Days – sampling lavender produce
Frogstock Fužine – traditional bikers' meeting with entertainment programme
9th Kupa Upstream Swimming Meeting – upstream swimming competition in the River Kupa
Fruits of the Mountains –Blueberry Days, sampling blueberry produce, cultural and entertainment programme
Pilgrimage to Božji studenac – traditional gathering at Javorova kosa excursion area
Brod through the Centuries – costume presentation of the past in Brod na Kupi reminiscing about the times of the noble Zrinski family, fair of original products
Pan Fest – entertainment programme with choir performances
Sport Summer in Vrbovsko – sport competitions: cross-country, cycling, fishing, duathlon
St. Anne's Day in Mrzla Vodica – religious gathering, fair of original local products
Button Accordion Festival – music and entertainment programme with local accordionists

– guided walking tour around the lake
Homeland Thanksgiving Day, Feast Day of Our Lady of the Snows, Day of the Foresters of the Town of Čabar in Lividraga
Čabar – traditional customs festival
Teamsters' Day
– entertainment with traditional games, horseshoeing, timber extraction, sampling traditional dishes
St. Bernard – hiking tour to Zeleni vir – guided tour of the Gorski kotar hiking trail, holy mass in Zeleni vir, traditional lunch
Recreational cycling tour - Čabar
International Brass Band Festival
- entertainment programme with performances and brass band parade

Lujzijana Fairy Tale
– cultural and entertainment event with fairies and stories related to the Lujzijana Road, theatrical performances, fair of local products, workshops
Gorski kotar cycling tour – recreational biking, visiting attractions, sampling local produce
Severin Evening – cultural and entertainment event – staging of events from the times of the Zrinski and Frankopan noble families
Golden Pot – hunter's stew cooking competition
Fruits of the Mountains – Mushroom Days, Ravna Gora – mushroom stew cooking competition, educational exhibition of mushrooms, picking mushrooms and sampling mushroom dishes and specialities, 1,000 eggs with porcini mushrooms prepared in a giant frying pan, entertainment programme
Mrkopalj Annual Fair – holy mass, fair, entertainment programmes
Chamber Music Festival - performances of renowned chamber musicians from Croatia and abroad
Plum Days – fair, sampling plum dishes and homemade plum brandy, entertainment programme
Fruits of the Mountains - Pear Day – sampling pears and pear produce
Fruits of the Mountains – Potato Day, Fužine – potato goulash cooking competition, workshops, fair, entertainment programme
Archery finals – archery competition

Dormouse Days
– preparing and sampling dormouse dishes
Bundevijada Pumpkin Festival – preparing and sampling pumpkin dishes, fair, entertainment programme

Meetings with Tamburitzas
– musical and entertainment event with performances by tamburitza orchestras
St. Martin's Day – trade fair and wine sampling
Gorski kotar in Words, Song and Dance - entertainment programme with performances by choirs, tamburitza and folklore orchestras, theatrical groups and local button accordionists

Opening of the ice skating season
- sport and entertainment programme on ice, ice skating for visitors
Vrbovsko Winter Evening - entertainment programme with music, dance and theatrical performance
Christmas concerts
New Year's Eve in the open air
– entertainment programme
Opening of the skiing season and New Year's Eve party in the ski area

Službene stranice Gorskog kotara rađene su u suradnji sa Turističkom zajednicom Kvarnera