Fruits of the Mountains Route

Fruits of the Mountains programmes are based on the local landscape, traditions and family values, and are closely related to the Fruits of the Mountains Route. The Fruits of the Mountains Route connects farms and local producers of produce made from the fruit, berries and medicinal herbs that grow in the area of Gorski kotar.
We would like to give our visitors the chance to meet individuals and family-run companies that produce local products and also to learn more about the healing properties and benefits of wild and organic fruits and medicinal herbs. Moreover, our guests can participate in farm work and also learn more about traditional handicrafts, bees and apiculture. We would like our younger guests and their parents to experience the nature and animals first-hand, and to give them an understanding of the local cultural and natural heritage. In addition to visiting family-run farms, the programme can also include hiking and biking tours, visiting natural and cultural attractions in the area, sampling homemade food and enjoying a break in the pleasant surroundings of Gorski kotar.

Products on the Fruits of the Mountains Route:
- aperitifs, digestifs, dessert beverages, bitters
- pears and pear produce
- apples and apple produce
- berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, currants)
- berry produce
- medicinal herbs,  medicinal herb products
- liqueurs, homemade syrups and jams
- mountain lavender seedlings
- mountain lavender products (essential oils, lotions, macerates, soaps, scented bags, teas, liqueurs, brandies)
- homemade liqueurs: honey liqueurs, herb liqueurs, raspberry liqueur, blueberry liqueur
- homemade cow's milk cheeses
- local produce from Gorski kotar, decorative ceramic items and local souvenirs


Službene stranice Gorskog kotara rađene su u suradnji sa Turističkom zajednicom Kvarnera