Situated in the central highland area, along the Lousiana road which runs through the town, you will find Skrad - a popular vacation spot since the end of the 19th century, primarily because of the climate characteristics of the area. Skrad and the surrounding villages occupy an area of 56,54 square km and are, according to the last population count, home to 1333 inhabitants.
Spread over the slopes of Skradski vrh, Skrad is situated at 700m above sea level. The highest point of Skradski vrh is at 1044 m above sea level, while the lowest point is at Zeleni vir, 302 meters above sea level. The Skrad area is surrounded by the valley of the river Kupa to the north, Čedanj stream and river Dobra to the east, Bukovska Dobra and highland plains to the south and Velika Sušica stream to the west. The most important georgaphical characteristic of this area is that it is easily accessible. After the recent construction of the new Zagreb-Rijeka highway, Skrad can be reached in a little over an hour drive from both cities (Ravna Gora exit), which makes it an ideal destination for excursions and weekend visitors who are looking to take a break from their weekly stress and enjoy the natural beauty of the highland forrests.
When travelling along the "old" state road, popularly known as the "tourist" road, it may take a bit longer to arrive to Skrad, but the journey itself will prove more interesting, since this route allows views of magnificent scenery and also tells the story of the development of the highlands and of its inhabitants' culture.

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