The mountain place Mrkopalj lays in the midst of the vast Mrkopalj valley between the slopes of Bitoraj and Višnjevica.
It is the "nursery" of Croatian skiing, and the famous ski resort Begovo Razdolje lays just a few kilometres away.
Mrkopalj was mentioned for the first time in the 15th century. This is evidenced by archeological remnants of the Medieval small church from the 14th and 15th century on the elevation Fortica,and this is the type of church that the Frankopans used to build for their serfs.
The holiday of the Madonna of the Seven Sorrows, that at the same time is the Mrkopalj Parochial Day, is the solemnest day for the inhabitants of Mrkopalj.
The natural phenomena Bijela and Samarska stijena (caves)are situated in the vicinity as well as the oldest living being in the Mrkopalj municipality, a yew-tree more than two thousand years old.
In summer the traditional picking of blueberries and other wood fruit is organized here. Have fun and lunch together, participate in the selection of the most successful ones and choose something for you from the wide range of ecological,healthy products (marmelade, fruit, cakes, cheese, brandy...).
Mrkopalj is also known for its International School of Peace and its creative workshops aiming at intensifying the links between members of different ethnic groups and assisting in cultural heritage preservation. The various artistic, ecological and communication workshops function in line with the principle "learn through acting and giving".

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