River Kupa – Kupa Valley

The River Kupa springs from a small turquoise green karst lake near the village of Razloge in Gorski kotar. Approximately 100 metres downstream on the right-hand side it receives the waters of the intermittent torrential stream of Krašićevica, and further on the left is joined by the intermittent stream of Sušica. After that, the river flows north-east before heading northwards further downstream. At its source, the Kupa flows rather fast, but after several kilometres slows down and becomes a slow-moving river with numerous weirs that in the past used to power watermills and sawmills. The River Kupa forms the border between Croatia and Slovenia from the spot where it is joined by the small River Čabranka.
In its upper reaches, the Kupa make its way through a rocky canyon. In some places, the canyon widens, making space for fertile agricultural land.

River Dobra

The second largest river of Gorski kotar, the River Dobra, emerges east of Skrad from several minor sources that are joined by the stream of Kamačnik close to Vrbovsko. The River Dobra valley consists of both wider parts and narrower gorges. When it reaches the town of Ogulin, it disappears into Đulin ponor, a unique example of a karst chasm, before emerging some ten kilometres downstream in the form of a powerful spring (Gojačka Dobra).

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