Protected landscapes


The rocks of Bijele stijene and Samarske stijene

The rocks of Bijele stijene and Samarske stijene are the only strict reserve in the County of Primorje-Gorski kotar. The area is protected by the strictest regulations. In Croatia, there is only one other area with such a protection regime: Hajdučki and Rožanski kukovi on Mount Velebit. In the strict reserve, everything is subordinated to the goal of preserving the unspoiled nature. A permit from the relevant ministry should be obtained even for group visits with the aim of education or research. Due to the natural wilderness and inaccessible karst terrain with its numerous sinkholes, rocks and stone towers, the area of Bijele stijene and Samarske stijene is impassable off the marked trails. In fact, visitors are not even permitted to deviate from the trails. It is precisely because of its wildness and inaccessibility that this area has preserved its pristine nature, which leaves a deep impression on every visitor.


"Vrajži prolaz" and "Zeleni vir" - Skrad
The area of Zeleni vir was declared a nature reserve in 1962. The excursion area, which is located 302 metres above sea level, can be reached from several directions. Zeleni vir is a powerful spring at the bottom of a shallow, spacious cave. Above the entrance, a picturesque waterfall crashes down the vertical 70-metre-high cliffs, creating a glittering water curtain.
The second attraction in this area is the 800-metre-long canyon of Vrajži prolaz ("Devil's Passage"). Through this narrow gorge, which is approximately two metres wide, a mountain stream called Jasle flows among the hundred-metre-high rocks. The water has been flowing here for millennia, making its way through the stone, shaping this stunning landscape that leaves a strong impression on every visitor.
At the end of the gorge, there is another tourist attraction: a cave called Muževa hižica. This is open to visitors to a depth of 200 metres. A deeper tour requires proper equipment and good caving skills.

Japlenški vrh

The people of Delnice are exceptionally lucky that their town is surrounded by so many natural attractions. One of these is Japlenški vrh Forest Park. There is always something to see or discover here, and each visit provides a new experience. In springtime, there is the blossom, in summer the scent of cyclamen, in the autumn an abundance of mushrooms, and animal tracks in the snow in winter.


If you want to experience the beauty and magnificence of Gorski kotar's forests without getting worn out by long tours or walks, we recommend a visit to Golubinjak Forest Park. This small area contains many of the natural features important for the forest life that has developed in the carbonate karst region.



Kamačnik is a watercourse of incredible beauty, making its way through a canyon carved out of Jurassic limestone. It roars through the canyon over a series of small waterfalls and foaming potholes, especially when its waters become swollen after rain or the melting of the snow. In the upper part of its valley, which it formed out of dolomite rock, the stream is a bit calmer and receives a few smaller tributaries. The picturesque vauclusian karst spring, which has an unknown but significant depth, is particularly valuable, as are the flora and fauna of its clear mountain waters. Visitors will enjoy the beautiful scenery, rapids, small waterfalls, calm flow, clear water, forests, and flora and fauna, even though the canyon has recently been spanned by a bridge on the Rijeka-Karlovac motorway.


Lokvarka Cave

The karst terrain around Lokve features an entire series of surface and underground karst phenomena. It is intended to connect them with trails to create a karst park. One of the most important components of this network is Lokvarka Cave: the largest and most beautiful underground karst phenomenon in this group.


Old yew in Međedi

In Gorski kotar, there are several very old yew trees. It is often difficult to determine their age, but they may be among the oldest living organisms in the County of Primorje-Gorski kotar. Only the yew tree in Međedi is protected.


Park alongside the castle in Severin na Kupi

The park and old Frankopan castle make an integrated whole, which today is regrettably somewhat forgotten and neglected. A particular point of interest, however, is the magnificent view of the River Kupa and its valley beneath the castle. The banks of the river can be reached along attractive paths that lead from the park through the forest down steep slopes.

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