Lokvarka Cave

The cave of Lokvarka was discovered in 1912. Since the introduction of electricity in 1935 and the later construction of iron stairs, the cave has become an increasingly important local tourist attraction. Due to its extraordinary beauty and abundance of cave formations, this cave has been declared a nature monument.
Today, the cave of Lokvarka is one of the largest caves in Croatia that is open to the public. With a professional tourist guide, visitors can admire four galleries. The others have not been fully explored and represent a challenge for speleologists and other enthusiasts in search of new discoveries.
The cave has a constant air temperature of 6.5°-8°C, which means that a visit during the summer months is very refreshing.

Bukovac Cave

Bukovac Cave, which is situated close to Lokve, is a site that attests that people lived in the Gorski kotar area in prehistoric times. Traces of prehistoric man and the bones of cave bears have been found in this cave.

Vrelo Cave, Fužine

The estimated age of this cave, which can be reached from the centre of Fužine by travelling 3 km along the road by Lake Bajer, is between 3.5 and 4 million years. The total length of all the channels in the cave is 300 m, of which about 250 are open to the public. A guided tour takes about half an hour. At the end of the cave, there is a spring, which is why during periods of rain this cave abounds in water. This fact, in addition to its abundance of cave formations, makes Vrelo Cave very attractive to visit. The cave is illuminated along its entire length, and thanks to the almost completely even path without stairs, a tour is also suitable for people with disabilities. The air temperature in the cave is 8°C throughout the year.

Hajdova hiža - Drgomalj

The largest cave in Gorski kotar is hard to reach and therefore only accessible to speleologists. The spacious entrance to the cave is located opposite the rock of Kuželjska stena in the steep cliffs of the peak of Belica in Slovenia. The entrance hall is 85 metres long, 27 metres wide and 16 metres high and is part of the largest underground space that has been discovered in the Croatian karst region. The network of channels and fissures, which have not yet been sufficiently researched, is about 900 metres long.

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