It is really hard to find a place with such a wealth of natural beauty as Gorski kotar anywhere else in Europe. The large dense deciduous and coniferous forests in the mountains used to be barely accessible and only a man with an axe could cut a way through these areas.
The lower areas (up to an elevation of 400 metres above sea level) are mainly overgrown with deciduous trees. The dominant species is beech (Fagus silvatica). In addition, there are common hornbeam, elm, ash, lime and other species. In the undergrowth, one can find various types of bittercress, sweet woodruff and numerous plants that usually grow alongside these species: wood anemone, martagon lily, hazelwort and many others.
Higher areas (between 400 and 1,000 metres above sea level) are distinguished by wild-growing, mixed or pure conifer forest: mainly fir and spruce. The most prevalent tree is spruce, followed by fir and more rarely yew.
The sub-mountainous zone comprises areas over 1,000 metres above sea level. The key ecological factors here are the strong winds, snow and ice. Sub-alpine beech forests (Fagetum croaticum subalpinum Horv.) are typical of this zone, together with adenostyles, scented mayweed, saxifrage and parsley fern in the undergrowth. One can also notice sub-alpine spruce forests (Piceetum croaticum subalpinum Horv.), which are made up of spruce trees of slender growth and low treetops, while in the undergrowth there are wintergreen, club moss, blueberry, cranberry, false lily, moss and other acidophilus plants. Finally, in the highest mountainous areas, at over 1,400 metres above sea level (Mount Bjelolasica), there are beech thickets (Fagetum suffruticosum Horv.) At the edges and in the low parts of the dolines, where snow remains for quite a long time, one can find large-leaved willows (Salicetum grandifoliae Horv.)
Meadows, heathlands, pastures and other soils that are now overgrown with forest give the landscape its distinctive appearance.
Rare and endemic plants:
• Alpine butterwort
• Iris Croatica
• Karst edelweiss
• Carniolan lily
• Broad leaved anemone
• Wild peony

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