Cultural monuments

Zrinski-Frankopan Castle - Severin na Kupi

The castle and surrounding park in Severin na Kupi, which once belonged to the ancient noble Frankopan family, was first mentioned in 1558. It is a single-storey rectangular building with an inner courtyard and arched corridors and cylindrical turreted towers.

Zrinski Castle - Brod na Kupi

In the centre of Brod na Kupi, the Zrinski noble family built a castle, which consists of a three-storey rectangular building and outer fortifications (today ruined). Zrinski Castle in Brod na Kupi dates back to 1651 and was built by Prince Petar Zrinski, probably on the site of a former Frankopan castle from the 15th century. The present castle is a simple three-storey building with a hipped roof, which today hosts a permanent exhibition dedicated to forestry, hunting and fishing.

Petar Zrinski Castle - Čabar

The centre of Čabar is dominated by the castle of Petar Zrinski, which was built in 1651. A part of the original walls, the tower and the vaults on the ground floor of the central building have been preserved. The castle houses the Museum of Local History, a gallery of paintings by Vilim Svečnjak, and a donation by Marijan Filipović.

Stara Sušica medieval castle

The castle is located on the slope of a hill on the edge of a coniferous forest. It was built by the Frankopan noble family. According to certain sources, the Frankopans had a town in Stara Sušica, which was not occupied by the Turks. The property also includes a sacral building, the Church of St. Anthony of Padua.
In the 19th century, the castle was owned by Count Laval Nugent, and in 1890 was bought by the Rijeka merchants Feliks and Josip Neuberger. The castle was restored in the romantic style of the time.

Late Antiquity Limes - Prezid

Prezid has always been a border location. This is the site of the famous Roman fortification wall, the so-called Liburnian Limes, which was part of the Claustra Alpium Iuliarum defence system. The remnants of the classical Roman Limes can today be found outside the town. The wall stretched from the castle of Trsat (Rijeka) via Prezid to the hill of Nanos in Slovenia. In the 1970s and '80s, the late Bogdan Mlakar tirelessly researched the Liburnian Limes in the area around Prezid. He found ceramics and a horseshoe from the period. The name of the town reflects its geographical location: "Prezid" means "in front of the wall".

The Stone Pillars

An old road, known locally as the "Karolina", has passed through Mrkopalj since 1732. A few kilometres further, in the village of Brestova Draga, there are the remnants of bridge pillars, known locally as fajeri, which at the time of their construction were a unique example of this kind of building.

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