Winter programmes

If you wish to pass the winter in an idyllic place where the snowy cover lasts for at least three months and that offers a wide choice of winter activities, then Gorski Kotar is really the right place for your holiday. Classic and tour skiing, ski jumps, modern sleighing drives as well as skating rinks are an integral part of the facilities for tourists visiting these areas in search of active holidays.
 Winter in Ravna Gora

The surroundings of Ravna Gora are an excellent choice for fans of night-skiing, cross-country skiing and lately of sleighing, too. Cross-country skiing equipment as well as all necessary information about the tracks and ski courses can be obtained in the Ravna Gora ski club TSK „Ravnogorac“.
An attraction of the area is the big amusement park in Kupjak with a 6.000 square metre sleighing drive and a long cable serving as ski lift and leading up to the mountain peak. Here the fascinating Snow Tubby run has been set that in winter is used as toboggan, and has a similar function, only without snow, in other parts of the year, too.
 Winter in Mrkopalj

On top of Čelimbaša (1084 m) in the neighbourhood of Mrkpalj there are three developed ski runs. Two of them are tourist runs: red – one is 1350 metres long and the other 1000 metres, while the third one is more demanding – black, some half kilometre long. Besides ski runs there is also a biathlon track, „Zagmajna“, used for training and recreational running, long some 4.5 kilometres in total.
 Ski centre Rudnik – Tršće

Although being one of the smallest and less known Croatian ski centres, Rudnik, in the vicinity of Tršće is extremely popular in Gorski Kotar. The ski centre itself is situated at about one kilometre from Tršće, and has been arranged on the northern slopes of the mountain Rudnik, with a height of 1052 metres. Two runs are arranged for the skiers, one 800-metre long and the other with a length of about 1000 metres. Sleighing drives and Nordic skiing tracks have been developed in the length of 3 and 5 kilometres respectively.

 Petehovac – Delnice

If you are a ski beginner, the best is to take the first ski steps on Petehovac near Delnice, at a height of 1050 metres. The path has been fully adjusted to beginners and children and is regularly checked throughout its length to prevent any inconveniences from occurring. The initial part of the run is mild, followed by a steeper section, while towards the end there is a mild plane part again. The ski lift is relatively slow, with mild climbs. An additional attraction is the possibility of night skiing.
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