Hiking, walking and trim trails

There are many mountain tracks in Gorski kotar, so that it is practically impossible to mention them all. Therefore let us mention just the most visited ones. To get a complete list and clear instructions we recommend that you contact your local hosts.
 The Mrkopalj mountain path

The Mrkopalj mountain path leading from Mrkopalj through eight control spots to Samarske stijene, is considered by many as one of the most beautiful paths in Croatia. The unique shelter, fitted in natural rock, contributes additionally to its attraction.
 The Kapela mountain path

The Kapela mountain path connects Velika Kapela to the sea. It is a demanding path leading the climbers from Tuk, across Bjelolasica, Samarske and Bijele stijene, Velika Javornica, Kolovratske stijene up to Vinište and Klenovic.
 The Gorski kotar mountain path

This path is recommended even to those that have little mountaineering experience. It is a route with three sections. One leads from Severin na Kupi to the Kupa source, the other one from Severin na Kupi to Tuhobić, and the third one from Tuhobić to Lovnik. This path is not very demanding, and the entire area is well covered by numerous climbers' facilities – lodgings, houses and shelters.
 The Ravna Gora mountain path

The Ravna gora mountain path crosses the wider Ravna Gora area and, en-route, unveils numerous local natural attractions. This demanding path consists of 12 spots that do not need to be covered completely, but if this is your objective, bear in mind that the trip will last at least 24 hours. Along the way you will see all sorts of things – from the abyss Kosica to the Gorski Kotar highest peak on Bjelolasica, with attractions like the excursion centre Javorova kosa and Kicljeve jame, one of the biggest cave systems in Croatia.
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