Is there any means to explore nature simpler, quicker and more efficient than the bicycle? Obviously not, especially if the path consists of numerous well used and marked tracks, as is the case throughout Gorski Kotar. Depending on where you find yourself and where you plan to stay, choose the closest track and enjoy in an interesting cycling adventure.
The Cycling Trail of Gorski Kotar
The Cycling Trail of Gorski Kotar is a new cycling trail linking up the natural, historic, cultural and culinary attraction in towns and municipalities of this delightful mountainous region. The trail meanders along the old and little used forest tracks and paths and will be to the taste of those who seek virgin nature and can tackle rather demanding terrain…

Our trail allows you to experience the entire area of Gorski Kotar in several stages – planning your cycling holiday day by day. There are 7 stages ranging from 28-43 km with a total distance of 260 km. With the addition of 9 branch routes it totals an impressive 400 km of unique enjoyment on two wheels specially designed to feature more than 5000 m in climbs and descents.

Enjoy the views, listen to the sounds, smell the freshness, feel the earth below you, and taste the regional cuisine. Gorski Kotar is prepared to delight your senses and challenge your cycling skills.

 Other cycling tracks in Gorski kotar

 Čabar cycling tracks
In the area of the town of Čabar and its picturesque surroundings there are four well used tracks, three of which are intended for adults, and one for the children. The surroundings are criss-crossed by numerous additional paths, but the marked tracks are always the best choice for enjoying without having to worry about getting lost or injured.
 Ravna Gora cycling tracks
This track is specific since it does not have a defined route but offers many different directions, so that cyclists may choose the path for their adventure themselves. There are really many tracks, they are all developed and marked and assistance is provided in the form of a printed map containing all information and attractions. The map is available at the Ravna Gora Tourist Office.
 Intimate track
This unusually named track conceals in fact a real adventure. It starts by the seaside – in Novi Vinodolski and ends in the highest inhabited locality in Croatia – Begovo Razdolje. The track is 45.5 kilometres long and quite demanding.
 Fužine cycling tracks
The area of Fužine and its surroundings provides cyclists-adventurers with a total of nine developed and marked tracks that – each with its own difficulty level - lead through picturesque area to belvederes around the lake and many other Fužine attractions.

MTB Delnice path
One of the shorter, but purposefully designed paths is the MTB path of the area of the Forest-park Japlenški vrh, near Delnice. The path is not long – just some five kilometres, but it is attractive because of its adrenaline sections.

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